Ó Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
2nd Baritone

Carroll Mulligan
My banding career now spans 50 years as I started with the 46th Old Boys Silver in July 1957.

My first tutor on Bb cornet was John McCleery and the band was conducted by Tommy Gray.  In November 1959 I moved to Agnes Street where I stayed until December 1992.  During those years the band was conducted by Ernie Ruddock Snr and then by his son Ernie, who at present  conducts Laganvale.

In 1964 I met Ann Boyd, a cornet player from Templemore.  We married in August 1969 and in 1972 Ann transferred to Agnes Street. We have two daughters Joanne & Laurie and both of them played for a time in the band.

By the end of 1992 when Agnes Street was in meltdown, I joined the 55th Old Boys where by happy coincidence Ernie Ruddock had just taken over as conductor.
I spent 10 years there and during that time I changed instrument to Eb Horn and my daughter Joanne married Adrian Ferguson, a Bass player from 1st Old Boys.

I joined Laganvale in December 2002 on Eb Horn and recently moved to Bb Baritone.